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HungerTale: An adult human in the Underground - Page 1 - HungerTale: An adult human in the Underground - By booleanTrue - Overview
In this alternate universe of the game "Undertale", monsters absorb the souls of humans by shrinking them down with magic and devouring them. You are an adult human who has fallen down. Will you find yourself the snack of one of the Underground's denizens, or will you harness your DETERMINATION to turn the tables on them? In this world it's EAT, or BE EATEN!


- Soft, oral vore only
- Can be fatal (prey is digested and their soul absorbed) or non-fatal (prey is not digested, or are digested but their soul returned and their body reformed)
- Food prep is allowed, cooking is not (you are welcome to be eaten along with other food and for there to be other food in the stomach with you)
- Willing and unwilling are both allowed, for pred and prey
- Macro/micro only
- Unaware is allowed
- Be descriptive and detailed
- Show, don't tell
- Put at least 1-2 paragraphs per post
- No underage, pred or prey, period.
- No scat
- Do your best with grammar
-Whenever something is described as filling you with "DETERMINATION" you are creating a SAVE point. The reader can then reload at their most recent SAVE point if they are digested. The difference now being that they will have memories of what happened in-story rather than simply jumping back to a previous chapter. Additionally, other characters in the story will have varying levels of awareness of what happened. Fatal vore will be the end of a run, at which point you reset to an earlier chapter with no memories. This rule will probably change over time as I add to the story. I may even abandon it entirely if it's too much of a headache.


Long ago, two races ruled over the earth: Humans, and Monsters. The two coexisted peacefully until, one day, a war broke out between them. The reason for the war has long been lost to history, but most credit it to fear. After all, a monster may - through the use of magic - shrink and devour a human, absorbing their soul and becoming quite powerful in the process. Fearing this power, humanity banded together and sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. Only the power of many human souls combined can shatter the barrier. Trapped for a crime they never committed, monsters grew resentful. Where most would never have considered harming a human, they now clamored for the chance to gain power and take revenge...

You wake with a start. Surrounding you on all sides is a patch of golden yellow flowers, bathed in a beam of sunlight. Craning your neck, you peer above you. The tiniest mote of light pokes through the inky blackness. You vaguely recall peering down a hole in the mountain hours (or was it only minutes?) before. Uncertain, shakily, you rise to your feet. Nothing hurts, and save for a little dirt you are in tip-top shape.


Oh, and you don't have any food. Perfect.

Away in the distance you make out a decrepit and chipped archway. It seems that is the only direction you can go. Knowing that the only way to proceed is forward... it fills you with DETERMINATION.
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