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canine bonding - Page 1 - canine bonding - By ertp12 - Overview
david is in the kitchen getting a drink before bed right now it's about midnight and it is finally summer time in nome Alaska as david walk's to his room he is met by is mans best friend jenna who david never refers her to be his pet but part of the family jenna is a pure bread huskey with red and white fur with dark red ears, back, the upper parts of her leg, and the upside of her tail and white on her facial, chest, and underside areas she also has small black markings on the tips of her ears and has amber eyes and instead of a collar she has a red-orange bandanna around her neck most days jenna would sleep in the living room on the couch put mom and dad are not home so I asked jenna to follow me to my room and to get in my bed with me she got on top of my bed and moved up to the top and laid down in the pillows next to my side where I sleep so I turn the light out get in the bed with my big girl that I love a lot next few minutes you doze off with jennas head now on your chest hours later its the mourning I wake up around 9 a.m. every mourning for breakfast but this mourning is strang you notice things have gotten a lot bigger but in eye sight david has been shrunken down to at least 6 inches as you're confused at first you believe it to be a dream but you look to the side of you to see your friend jenna is still asleep and mom and dad are not home david takes a long time to think but his stuck and does not know what to do david thinks about waking jenna and try to get her attention but that could lead to some big problems cause to her it'll take her one gulp to send me to her stomach or she could help me find out what happened so what do I do now?
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