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My life in a Voraphile's Future - Page 1 - The story... - By TheVoreEngineer - Overview


Hello reader, and welcome to "My life in a Voraphile's Future". This interactive story is a recreation of "My life as a Teenage Voraphile" originally being created by BradRepko for the website, before being removed from that website's archives. This interactive hopes to be a strong reimagining of that story with more completed paths for readers to take and to make sure all characters put into the story are complete and well written, as well as creating new characters for all members of the community to enjoy. While credit for the original pages of "My life as a Teenage Voraphile" go to many different individuals, due to the nature of this recreation, these people will not be credited in this story. If you wish to find out who wrote the original piece, you can do so at the resurrected version of this story on the Portal...

My life as a Teenage Voraphile Resurrected

Thank you for choosing to read "My life in a Voraphile's Future", and I hope you enjoy the content available in this piece. Please keep in mind that all stories are told in the second person perspective and that there will be a large amount of underaged vore in these stories, so no warnings will be given. If you do not like the idea of underaged vore, please do not continue.

In a world more or less our own, one difference stands out beyond all other changes, humans have diverged from our own evolution, becoming able to consume other humans at their own will. Over time, the ability has spread not only to the mouth but to many other orifices all around the body, with some people even having the uncanny ability to breast vore. But it brings up an interesting point, only women can vore, a male being able to vore is a one to a million chance, and by the time they would have figured out, they are most likely already a meal. Most females who are able to take part in vore make sure that they become licensed. Those in this world who are Licensed are of another social class entirely, completely immune to being eaten by others, able to reserve people for meals, and even use it as a form of an access pass to "High profile" locations. Of course, this kind of privilege does not come free, you must show you can indeed vore, and even then, you must partake in a voraphilic lifestyle, lest your license can become suspended. All licenses are up to the Voraphile Organization of Regulatory Enforcement, more commonly known as the VORE group, as they are the ones who run the entire system, from anyone receiving their license, to the losing of one. Beside the natural ways of hunting your own prey, companies have begun to capitalize by sending live victims to hungry voraphiles, for a sizable fee, of course, they are a business. More and more, organizations are beginning to provide lunch systems where their employees can have a nice hearty living meal, whether it is in schools, or workplaces, people more and more have the ease of access to a living meal, due to their status being nothing more than stock. In abundant situations, people can even choose the age, gender, race and any other factor they wish. As the caste system of the world much relies on your status as a voraphile or not, those who carry a license are able to treat unlicensed people much more brutally, especially the men who cannot get a license at all. Of course, even though they are the most powerful beings at the time of our story, they are still governed by rules. No-one truly knows why these rules are around, many guesses consist of the theory about a time before all men were "Forcefully" removed from government, but this was so long ago now, that no-one truly remembers.

But for now, this does not matter.
For now, it's time to choose...
What gender shall you become?
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