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Choose your own Meal - Page 1 - Choose your own Meal - By Vennaya - Overview
Started on 12/08/2016: i will try and write a page or two every day or two so the story will develop over time, with more options and paths. I expect this story to take me at least a month or more to write completely, at least with one character, and i will provide info on the most recent updates on this page so you can know what I've added recently!
Update: 10/02/2017: Wow, it's been like 6 months since i made progress on this, oops! now that i have actually remembered that this exists i will hopefully have some time to atleast flesh out some of the paths. Today i further expanded the Human path where you go in to the tavern and meet the catgirl.
Update: 31/10/2018 This project is dead, and im now focusing more on roleplaying in the RP room, and writing shortstories to post on my userpage. Not only that, but my writing has improved 100x since first making this, and i realize now as a much more experienced writer this project was way too ambitious for me at the time, let alone now. For this reason i am opening up everything for public edits, so feel free to add your own stuff! Only thing i will say is please try and keep a similar level of verbosity, and credit yourself as the one who wrote it inside each one you make! Thanks!

Hi There guys and welcome to my first interactive story! This is a fantasy "choose your own adventure" kind of game where you can play as a assortment of characters, with varying choices and stories to be told.

As a note, some paths will be more story driven than others, with some exploring character development, the world, and adventuring a lot more while other characters will just be sex crazed nymphomaniacs which will have the choice to eat, be eaten, have sex, get knocked up, you name it; by basically anyone and anything. Most characters can play as both prey and predator, or a bit of both!

Includes: Soft Vore, Hard vore (less prominent), Digestion, Scat, Unbirth, Beast girls, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Lactation, Cum inflation, Willing, Casual, Egg laying... and a few other things i can't think of at the moment, this list will be updated with the more i write.
This story has mostly female predators and female prey, and the player character will always be female.
Have fun :)

You awake to the sun coming in from in between the blinds, basking in its radiant light you lay motionless on your bed, calmly thinking...

"Is it noon already?" you muse to yourself, you should probably get up, you had big plans for today after all.

You get out of bed, sitting on it's edge as you do some stretches, followed by a big yawn.
Still dreary from sleep, you trouble to find your balance, maybe a little sunlight will help?
You open your blinds on your window, you take in the "morning" air and look over the city you're currently staying in, Grefast, the capital city of Celya.

after slapping your face a few times to wake up, you walk over to the wardrobe to get changed, you catch a glimpse of your naked body in the mirror, you decide to take a look...
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