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ravinous digimon revival - Page 101 - Agumon wakes up to release the boy - By Nocturn - Overview
Six hours later. Both Agumon and Tai wake up to some intense gurgling sounds in Agumon's belly. These gurgling sounds were followed by lots of farting coming from Agumon's ass.

"Tai, I have to go to the bathroom, but I don't think I will have enough time to get there!" Agumon said while putting his hands on his chubby ass.

"Then get off the bed, I will find something you can go in."

Agumon rolled off the bed on to the floor, but Tai did not have time to get up to fetch a bucket or anything.

Agumon squated and let out some HUGE farts. "Man, that kid gave me a lot of gas!" Agumon said while squeezing.

His orange hole began to pucker as the sight of a brown turd could be seen.

Tai just watched, and was enjoying himself, and ignoring the foul smell.

Agumon began to grunt as he squeezed to get the full length of the log out of his ass. He then pinched it off. It was a brown log. You could see remnants of clothing, hair and bone in it.

Agumon squeezed some more, and more gas seeped out of his big bottom. 6 more smaller turds dropped out to form a pile of smelly shit underneath him.

"I feel so good now, that boy really did a number on my body." Agumon said while examining the rather large turds on the ground and wafting the smell of digestion from his nostrils.

"Did you enjoy that Tai?"
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