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ravinous digimon revival - Page 11 - A small group of tasty smells - By mrapple - Overview
By: talonsaurn

humans, you see them, talking and eating a picknick, your stomach rumbles in a pathetic cry for satisfaction. You stare from the bushes at them. Your stomach rumbles and aches.
a few drops of digi saliva dribble from your lips as your stare at them, eating sweet candies and hamburgers, five of them, a trio of small ones and two adults, probally a family out for a meal. the deep hunger pulls and yanks at you, you just can't help but dreaming about yourself gobbling them all down, feeling them slide into your stomach and making it bulge like you always wished. You scratch an itch from that hay rubbing against your thigh as you begin to rationalize, they treat you like an animal, you only wanted to be treated like them, be part of that family, sleep on a real bed, well.. maybe you will empower yourself to TAKE what you want now.
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