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ravinous digimon revival - Page 28 - He who waits is Hungry - By Nocturn - Overview
You follow your nose to the people, They just look like normal people playing a game, your belly growls but deep seated morals start to bubble up, You can eat bread and Livestock and all that other stuff, why are you drooling as you look at people.

As you wrestle with your own concience you see a large agumon approach the humans, they seem a bit concerned and curious at how it's almost there size, you peer in trying to hear what they are saying but are unable to really make it out.
After a few minutes you cover your mouth, the Agumomon has Grabbed one of the people in his jaws, and has already half eaten the person. You shake your head in disbelief by are mezmorized as you see the other human just stand there
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