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ravinous digimon revival - Page 41 - Silent, but Hungry - By Nocturn - Overview
You slowly creep up on the Veemon by tiptoeing from bush to tree. Finally, you're behind the tree that's shading the blue Digimon. The Veemon snored peacefully, unaware of the predator that lurked about. You smile a sharp-toothed smile and creep up onto your prey so as not to wake him. He looks so delicious!, you think delightfully. You can hardly contain the saliva pouring out of your mouth.

Unable to contain yourself any longer, you stand in front of the Veemon's head and carefully lift him up with your large-clawed arms and place his head into your waiting maw. As your soon-to-be lunch touches your tongue, his incredible flavor makes you unconsciously squeal with joy. You stop ingesting the Veemon as it yawns and...
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