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Blink's Awakening (WIP) - Page 1 - Blink's Awakening - By Layab547 - Overview
The bright golden scales tighten around you, completely restraining your fragile body, not that you ever planned to fight back...

"Blink..." Her voice is sultry and carries the hunger in her belly. You can feel the rumbling of her stomachs through her large body, her warmth relaxing you even though you know what is coming.

Her long, golden hair flows down her nude form, held in place by a pristine crown adorned with red gems. Unlike most, she still has the body of a Hylian, her beautiful pale skin brushing against your fur. Her gentle hands reach up to stroke your ears, as her lower snake portion continues to tighten around you. Both sensations bring a blush to your face, but you can't break contact with her lovely blue eyes, as she comes closer and closer.

Perhaps... this is the time. Maybe... she really will eat you... You whimper, and a smile comes to her lips.


She draws close, and her mouth stretches open, revealing her hot throat to you. Her breath washes over your expectant face, sending a quiver through your body as you close your eye, preparing for her to engulf you...

"Blink... Wake up!"


Your eyes open, and the warm sensation of the Naga's golden body encasing you is lost to the tangled up blanket that is doing its best to keep the cold off of you. You want to curse under your breath, your favorite dream once again interrupted just as it was getting good, but you know better at this point. There are only two other people in the house you live in, and you don't want to reveal your potty mouth to either of them. Speaking of which, the weight on your stomach tells you that one of the twins has come to wake you up.

As you suspected, it's your little brother, Kalo. His bright yellow fur is untamed and bushy, making him appear a little chubbier than he actually is. He smiles brightly when he sees your eyes open, and doesn't dodge quick enough as you reach up a tired hand and ruffle his ears.

"Morning, Blink!" He cheers, shaking off your hand with a laugh and leaping forward, wrapping his arms around your neck as he gives you his typical big hug. You gasp for a second as his knees dig into your large chest, before you giggle and return the show of affection. Your purple fur contrasts with his, being smooth and short, though your ears and buck-teeth are exactly the same.

You are not old by any means, as you are still in your later teen years, but you don't have the energy to keep up with this adorable little bunny. This point is proven when he hops off of you, pushing against your breasts one more time, as he lands on the floor and glances back at you.

"Hurry up! I'm starving!"

With that, he runs out of your bedroom.

So far, it's just another typical morning.
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