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Blink's Awakening (WIP) - Page 2 - Get Out of Bed - By Layab547 - Overview
You give a big yawn and, rather reluctantly, crawl out of your old wooden bed and step onto the just-as-old wooden floor. Your parents always told you this house had been built before the fall of Hyrule, and if the creaking of the boards were any indication, there was truth to that story.

Your moth-eaten blanket falls from your curvy form, exposing your nude, furry body to the chill that comes in from the outside. It's the beginning of spring, and the remains of winter are still in the air. You take a moment to rub a hand over your rigid nipples, shivering as you do so, before glancing over at the outfit folded neatly on the footlocker at the end of your bed.

This used to be your mother's favorite dress, and it was the only thing they had found of her after your parents... vanished. It was a dark blue in color, and was cut so low that maintaining modesty was dependent on the day not being too windy. The fabric was thin, and suspended only by shoulder straps. Still, it fit you, and as you didn't exactly have alternatives, it was literally all that you wore.

After slipping into the dress, more out of a desire to preserve some warmth than anything else, you look at yourself in the mirror.

This is you... Blink. A teen aged bunny-girl who's only lot in life is to look after her two younger siblings by doing odd jobs around the village in which they live. You have soft, purple fur and pink eyes. Your ears droop ever so slightly, and you have a cute little fuzzy tail on your bottom. The buck-teeth are... not your best feature, but you have been told they make you look cute. Most impressive is your chest, which is already straining the weak fabric of your dress to the point where your nipples are completely outlined through their blue coverings. If they get any bigger, you have no idea where you'll get the clothes to cover them...

Idly, you brush down some unruly hairs on the top of your head, before looking away from the mirror. The rest of your room is undecorated, as is the hallway that leads to the rest of the house. The single, porthole window on the other side of the room is still closed, with small rays of sunlight peaking in through the cracks,
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