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Blink's Awakening (WIP) - Page 3 - Go Back to Sleep - By Layab547 - Overview
You sit up in your bed, your blanket falling away from your massive chest as you watch your cute brother head back to his own room. There's no sign of your other charge, your little sister, coming out of her room either... Maybe... You can affored to get a little more sleep in... Perhaps you'll have that dream again.

Yeah... Breakfast can wait.

Rolling over onto your stomach, your blanket wrapping around your legs, and burying your fluffy head into your pillow, your tired eyes return to being closed, and you drift back into slumber land.

You don't stay there for long though, as you feel your tight bunny pussy suddenly get filled. Your eyes shoot open, just as an unknown pelvis begins to slam against your ass as your molester pounds rapidly into your cunt.

You can't help the annoyed sigh that escapes your lips, as you look over your shoulder to see your brother rutting you. His face is bright red, as is his member, which you get only a brief glance at when he's pulling back. He really is big for his age... Something that runs in the family. He hasn't noticed that you're awake, wrapped up in the pleasure of fucking his older sister, as he gasps and moans, trying not to make too much noise.

He knows you'll make him pull out if you wake up before he finishes... he's such a little brat to try something like this...

But... It does feel pretty good...
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