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Adventure in fairy tales land - Page 1 - Adventure in fairy tales land - By kernac - Overview
"You are an 11 year old orphan whisked away to the land of fairy tales where you search for a family to adopt and love you. This interactive is focused on encountering various fairy tales characters (and some folklore-inspired original characters) and exploring various vorish scenario with them. Contains both male and female preds, furry and humans as well as same size and macro/micro. This interactive will also most likely include fatal digestion, soul vore and some bones and scat disposal (but path leading to those will always contain a warning)."

-Author's note:
I'll keep this story locked so that I'm the only one who can add to it for now. However if you would like to add to it or have an idea you'd like to see implemented, send me a PM and we'll talk about it. I decided to keep it this way because I want to keep a certain level of quality and consistency to this interactive story.

---Adventure in fairy tales land---

You are an 11 year old orphan named Josh. You've been living in an orphanage for as long as you could remember, and for as long as you could remember you've wanted a family. You longed for someone to care for you, to have a father, a mother and perhaps some siblings. You felt abandoned and alone, you just wanted to have a place you could truly call home. One night, you were looking at the stars from your bedroom window and found yourself wishing aloud: "If anyone can hear me, if anyone cares, I wish I wish for a real family to love me dearly. If you are out there, please listen to me! I'd give everything up for a true family." Suddenly a vibrant blue light filled the room as a beautiful lady appeared before you. You remained agape by this dream-like apparition.

"Hello Josh, I am your fairy god mother and I am here to grant your wish~" She explained of a soft, motherly voice. With a wave of her wand she summoned a beautiful ornate door in front of you.

"No... no way... Am I dreaming?" You asked, incredulous.

"I assure you this is quite real Josh. Beyond this door lies a realm unlike any others, a land of magic, born from the dreams of children. Somewhere in this land there is a family that will adopt and love you." The fairy informed you, pointing to the mystic gateway. Still somewhat in shock, you slowly nodded, grasping the door knob while remaining silent. "However I must warn you, while enchanting and magical, this land can also be dangerous and cruel. The creatures of this world were born of imagination, as such they are merely demi-beings, existing somewhere between reality and fiction. Consuming the essence of a real boy will be very appealing to a lot of them. Your innocence and ability to dream is sure to wet their appetite! I just want you to understand the perils you will face if you cross to the other side." She said of a somber voice.

You were scared, but also strangely excited. You contemplated your options for a few minutes, unsure if the risk was worth taking. Finally, you decided to move forward, turning the knob and opening the door. You were engulfed in a blinding light as you crossed to the other side, leaving the orphanage behind. Thus begins your quest to find a new family.

-What happened next?
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