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Black Widow - Page 1 - Black Widow´s Resident Evil - By MrCaliban - Overview
It is midnight in the Arklays Forest. Fog surrounds the uncountable trees in a cold night, barely illuminated by the full moon...surrounding as a shred the sculptural body of Black Widow [img][/img]), the famous super spy, member of The Avengers. Standing on her boots, with her gloved hands placed on her athletic waist, her sharp eyes roams over the crashed armored vehicle and the corpses of four guards. White Viper had escaped...again.

“How is it possible?”.-The beauty but lethal avenger curses while her sharp eyes look for steps or clues that she could have left behind on her way. The accident has taken place just an hour ago so, the evil agent of Hydra shouldn´t be too far. Walking or running along the forest would be a hard task for her...but not for the trained avenger. Though an ordinary woman, Natasha Romanoff´s body had been trained to the limit, giving her an almost super human agility, stamina and strength. Besides, such a body had been trained in every form of hand to hand and gun combat, becoming Black Widow in a perfect weapon...a weapon that would hunt the insidious Hydra´s assassin.
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