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Behind the dress code be monsters - Page 1 - Behind the dress code be monsters - By crime0edge - Overview
You arrive at the Pennington Private School for Girls and are currently being escorted by the head teacher Miss Pennington herself. She is a milf of a woman with crimson spectacles and thick brown hair done up in a bun. Although her large ass swayed beneath the layers of her blue dress, your eyes were transfixed on the various students you pass. Each one had their own unique sense of fashion which put your suit to shame. Long ball gowns and sparkly hats were just some of the fantastical uniforms you gazed at. But you soon find yourself in her office, sat in front of her as she peered down at you.

"Mr Dean, firstly let me thank you again for taking on this job. Not many people feel comfortable teaching students who are not exactly human. But I assure you that these girls are learning how to interact in human society. Their clothing for example is tailor made to cover up their more animal external features. This way every student feels like they are in the same company. They are however allowed to remove their uniforms in their private quarters.

Which brings me to you. We are running a trial with our new teachers involving one to one tutoring. We want our girls to know that not all humans will freak out upon seeing what they look like beneath the layers of silk. But just to make life a bit easier for you, I have a list of students for you to consider doing your first tutor with. Once you pick one I will ask them to come to this office and they will escort you to their quarters. Also, I have this gender transformation potion which could make you into a woman. If you feel more comfortable being alone with them as a woman then I have to at least off it to you. So do you want to be a guy or a girl for your first day on the job?
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