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Metroid: PvP - Page 1 - Metroid: PvP - By Layab547 - Overview
The utter silence of space remains unbroken, as your ship glides stealthily through the ocean of stars towards the bulky freighter that seems to be idly drifting through the blackness. There isn't so much as a beep from the ship's communication channel as your craft slowly draws within range.

Even after all this time, the Space Pirates have yet to develop a counter to your stealth technology.

The hatch on the top of your ship opens, and you leap from the relative safety of the vessel, landing with a heavy thud on a small walkway that runs along the outside of the freighter. You take a moment to watch your ship fly away, the computer guiding it to a safe distance should you be detected, and then turn your attention to the task of finding a way inside before your oxygen supply is depleted.

Supposedly, this is a simple mission. But people don't hire you for 'simple missions.' Your orange power armor alone is worth more than entire planets have the money to pay for, and that's not even factoring in the combat experience of the person inside that armor.


You are Samus Aran, a bounty hunter renowned throughout the galaxy, and you have a job to do.


There's a low hum as you raise your arm cannon, bracing it with your other hand as you instinctively begin to charge it.

The walkway you stand on follows a linear path down the side of the ship, dipping lower at certain intervals. It also runs back towards the ship's engines, with you almost exactly in the middle of the path.

Directly below where you stand is one of the ship's laser cannons. It seems to be inactive.

There are no guardrails on this path: watch your step.
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