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Human in an anthro Academy - Page 1 - Human in an anthro Academy - By Alexthedrawer12 - Overview
You were riding on a bus to your new high school in a town called Olonda(O-lon-da). You were the only one besides the bus driver on the bus but you were very nervous and scared, and you felt that you were on the edge of vomiting.

"Why oh why did I have to be picked for this!?" You thought to yourself panicing.
"I didn't sign up for this!?" You then sigh in distress. You took a few deep breaths and calmed down.

After a short while, the bus stopped in front of your new school and home. You get out of you seat and walked to the door of the bus.

"Good luck kid." The bus driver said. He was a bull dog with tan fur and he was rather short, but nice.

"Thank you sir." You say with a small smile. The bus driver opened the bus door, you took a deep breath and you walk off exit the bus. The doors closed behind you and the bus drove off.

The school was huge! It looked about 8 stories tall and it looked like it could hold 2,000 people in it. You walked up to the front entrance and just the doors themselves dwarfed your size, them being 8 feet tall and you being 5"8. You pushed open the doors and saw that the office was close by. You opened the doors and there was a leopard girl secretary. See glanced up at you and smiled.

"You must be Mr. Williams." She said in a tenor tones voice.

"Yes mam. I was told that I needed to meet with the pricipal when I arrived here." You replied to her.

"Of course. Just go down the hall and it's the last door to the right." She said still smiling. "Thank you mam." You said and walked down the hall. You opened the principal's office door and saw gasped out of surprise and shock. The principal was a 15 foot dragon with four horns and crimson scales.

"Welcome Mr. Williams. My name is pricipal Altor and I'm sure you met my secretary Mrs. Laurens. Please have a seat." He said.

You sat down in an oversized chair akwardly. You looked at the principal who was holding back a slight chuckle. "Mr. Williams, I personally would like to welcome you to Olonda Academy, and I would also like to assure you that no harm will come to you." You hear this and relax abit. "You do not have to attend class for a full week, so you can use the time to get settled and maybe make some new friends. Who knows. If you have any questions at all you can come here anytime or ask any new friends you make. Are you getting all of this?" You nod yes. "Now you will be assigned to your dorm. You will luve in..."
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