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[MLP] Dodge Junction's Manure Problems - Page 23 - Roll to get off him, and fight your way out! - By ThatSickFuck - Overview
You decide to use the opportunity to get out of this terrible mess, and roll swiftly. The attempt is successful, the stallion even steps back to avoid being tripped, that's when however, you run out of luck. Now standing on your back and out of plan, the third orange stallion drops a forehoof on your stomach and knocks the wind out of you. You're no ninja pony, fighting four versus one was never going to end well..

The three males then roll you back on your belly, and the brown stallion in front of you then holds you with a hoof on your back and uses the opportunity to shove his cock deep down your throat, making you gag and choke.
Aaah~! Fuck yeah~! That's right! Choke on it bitch! That's what you get! Says the brown stallion.
The orange pony then positions himself on top of you to hold you in place, and begins thrusting inside your loosened tail hole hard, each thrust making you choke more on the cock that prevents you from breathing, you instinctively try to swallow, push it out with your tongue, anything, but you still can't breathe.
Aaah~! Yeah~! Don't think you're so smart now huh? he teases as he still prevents you from breathing, by now you start hitting the floor with your hoof, trying to squirm yourself out of there, which only turns on the stallions more.

And after a few more seconds, you pass out. Only to wake up completely confused, your chest on a desk, you can see a horsecock being stroke right between your eyes, you can also feel your.. hind legs wet? Turning back you notice that you are being swallowed! By the mare no less! And she's already up to your thighs!
Panicking in confusion, the stallions then grab your head to keep it aligned with the pulsating cock in front of you. By the time you get a sense of your bearings once more she's up to your chest, the orange stallion then moans loudly and climaxes, covering your face (And your predator's too!) with cum.

After he's done with you, the mare then stands up, and makes you quickly slide down her throat, only to flop inside her belly. the tight, wet and squishy confines of her belly at least gives you some time of your own for once.
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