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The Kingdom of Light - Page 1 - The Kingdom of Light - By Arthotus - Overview
The Kingdom of Light has been under siege by the forces of evil for as long as anyone can remember. Enemies close in on all sides, everyday threatening to destroy the kingdom under a tide of death and destruction. Only champions, heroes, and adventurers ranging out from the hallowed Capital City can defend the kingdom and right all the wrongs in the world. That is where you come in, brave heroine! You are such a person, and you've decided, for whatever reason, to travel the land and fix everything wrong with the world.

But where do you start? In the east, the sea froths and bubbles with monsters from below the surface that devour anyone foolish enough to sail on or even travel close to the waters. To the north, the terrible hordes of orcs, trolls and even dragons range across the mountains, assailing anyone who enters their craggy domain. To the south, the lush, verdant plains are terrorized by the centaurs and other beasts and beast men. To the west, whispers of undead rising at the beckoning of necromancers. And even below the surface, rumors of horrific monsters that can't even stand the light of day fill all the citizens of the light with dread.

Each of these paths has their own dangers, but also their own rewards! Each is an adventure in its own right, and no two adventurers will ever experience the same journey! Good luck!

Are you the strong and physically skilled fighter, using might to make the world right? Are you the lithe rogue, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with stealth and cunning? Are you a sorceress, schooled in the ways of magic, set on using your powers of the arcane to destroy all evil before you? Or are you one of those that bears the name 'adventurer', one that dips into every profession, using any and everything at your disposal to rise and be spoken of in the legends of tomorrow?

This interactive story is based off of my own Rps, and is a simplified version thereof. It is going to contain vore of many kinds, but I largely steer away from hard vore, scat, graphic digestion, full tour and water sports.

I will try to explore all the various paths a little before I go too far in one direction. Pm me if you're interested in a specific path or would like an option I haven't listed. I am open to others adding to this story, but please ask for permission first.

I've let this project lie for a long time, and while I'd like to finish it, I think I'll just start chipping away at it slowly. Maybe a page or two a day. Easy.
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