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Heroes Never Die - Page 1 - Heroes Never Die - By slightlytoxic - Overview

If you're looking for 'the good stuff', don't worry. Not every page is going to be this long. I want the choices on this story to actually BE choices, and I don't want them to just randomly snuff the player for no damn reason. A little set-up is necessary.
With that said, I'm gonna try write it as best I can. Kinda going for a videogame theme (see if you can guess which one (it's not overwatch!)) because that's what got me into a lot of this darker stuff.

And don't be fooled by the light-hearted first page here. This story is going to get *very* dark. We're talking torture, rape, domination, hard vore, soft vore, snuff, digestion, asphixiation, slavery... all the stuff I feel there's not nearly enough of in the world!
Oh, and this will be gay, by the way. Very very gay. Chicks don't do it for me. Take it or leave it.

You've been warned! Now enjoy. :3


Dokodori village is a pretty nice place to live.

You mean, pretty nice, compared to the rest of the kingdom of Farphren. The village Elders provide enough food for the orphanage - your home - to ensure no one's starving, the gnoll raiding parties only rarely come this far south, and most importantly of all, the great and terrible dragon Dangmarr seems oblivious to it's existence.

Technically speaking, Dangmarr was the king of Farphren. But he was the "king" in the same way that fire "lives in" a house that's burning. Some years before you were born, he laid siege to the king's castle, and destroyed the entire army stationed there like they were toys. The castle village burned for days, and when the fire finally settled, Dangmarr made his nest among a pile of gold and corpses, licking the blood from his lips and demanding tribute from all his new "subjects".
What could anyone do? Some villages refused him, and they were butchered and burned till they were nothing but ash and bones. A few brave fools in shining armour thought themselves great enough to best him on their own tried to kill the beast single-handedly - the things that happened to them were told in stories considered... not appropriate for children. And so, one by one, every town, village and hamlet started offering everything they could to appease their new draconic lord. Most of the time the offerings were enough. Most of the time.
As for Dangmarr's rule? Well, it was true that the threat of invasion from the neighbouring kingdoms had all but disappeared. All the money that had previously been spent on the royal guard, the army, and in fact law enforcement of any kind, could now be saved for other amenities. No more tithes or taxes, though these were largely replaced with "tribute" which amounted to more than double of what they paid before.
On the other hand, the country wasn't quite as safe to travel as it once was. Wild and vicious tribes of the hyena-like gnolls now more or less dominated the plane lands to the north. Dire wolves, bears and other vicious animals roamed the countryside. In the tavern two weeks ago, you heard rumours that mysterious creatures called Nagas - snakes as large as four grown men, with the torsos of a human - had been spotted somewhere in the kingdom after who knows how many centuries. The forest to the west had become cursed, and was now host to all manner of deadly plants and animals and... other things that fit into neither of those categories. And of course in the capital lay Dangmarr himself, who routinely would survey his lands to enforce is terrible reign, or hunt for food, or sometimes just for sport.

Still, you were never really one to get too involved with politics. It's a subject's place to be loyal to his king, after all. You're confident Dangmarr has a plan with all your best interests at heart. Whatever those are.

At least, that was until last night. You were nearly asleep in your bed when a gentle hand on your shoulder shook you awake. You opened your eyes to dim lantern light and saw Elder Tohu sitting by the side of your bed, looking gravely down at you. He speaks your name.
"Wake up. I have something very important to tell you." he said in a voice that wasn't quite a whisper.
Rubbing your eyes, you pulled yourself up and scanned the room. The orphanage was split into three sections, one for the young children, and two for the children over 16 - girls and boys. The 'adult' orphans never stayed here for very long. The orphanage mistress said kids who are able to work harder are much more sought after. Your 16th birthday was a week before, so you had the boys bedroom to yourself for now. You're still getting used to it.
"Hi Elder Tohu. Uh... is something wrong?" you asked, rubbing the bleariness out of your eyes.
"No. Not at all. Something remarkable has happened." he says and reached into a large leather bag he had brought in, on the floor. He fished out a small red gem. He picked up your hand in his, and planted the gem into your palm. You inspected it. On one side in tiny jagged letters you saw your name engraved on one side of it. You turned it over several times.
"I don't suppose you know what that is?" Tohu said.
"... A birthday gift?" you offered.
The Elder smiled. "In a manner of speaking. That gem is one of our villages greatest kept secrets. There is a legend... a prophesy... that a great and courageous lad from our village would one day set out into the world and rid out great kingdom of evil.. forever. This gem is kept deep inside the Elder's hut, so that we may know the true name of that hero, when the day comes. And today, that name appeared on its surface." He paused, letting the weight of his words sink into you, watching your expression.
"... So... I have to bring this to someone with the same name as me or-?"
Elder Tohu looked exasperated for a moment. "It's for you! You've been chosen, boy."
"Oh.... Ohhhh...." you said, realising this is a thing you're being expected to actually act upon. "B-but! Me? Defeat evil? You can't really mean-"
"The dragon king Dangmarr. Yes. It is your destiny to go to his mighty throne and, er, slay him."
You considered this for a moment. "It might be difficult." you said.
Tohu smiled at you. "Don't you worry, boy. The gem contains a great power. As long as you keep it with you, you can never be harmed." he said, glancing back at the red jewel.
You looked down at it again, with wonderment. Maybe it could be possible after all!
"And you won't be defenceless, after all!" he rumbles, reaching down for the leather bag at the floor. He placed it on your lap and opend it for you to see the contents. Inside was a light tunic, and a sword and shield. They looked... a bit hand-me-down. Even by the meager standards of Dokodori village. Then again, if you truly can't be harmed, it doesn't need to be very good, you supposed. You met Elder Tohu's gaze and, expanding your chest to try and live up to the newly discovered hero you are, said "I swear, Elder, to honour the village, and defeat the terrible dragon, and all evil in the land... forever!" you boom.
The Elder coughs. "Hmn. Yes. Very good." He paused, apparently overcome with gratitude. "Well. You should rest. Your adventure will start tomorrow." He stands up, and gave you one last smile as you curled up in bed again. "We have every confidence you'll succeed."

You woke up early the next morning, excited to become the saviour of Farphren. You put on your new tunic and trousers and get a good look at yourself in the polished stone that serves as a mirror in your room. Green isn't your favourite colour, but you feel heroic, and that's what counts.
There's one or two other things in the bag as well. A skin full of water, some bread and dried meats would probably be enough to get you to the capital - you figure you can always scavenge some more for the way back - and a crude, but useful map of the kingdom. You admit, you wouldn't mind being a little more... equipped. But, this is how adventurers work, after all! Living off the land! Sleeping under the stars! You'll be tripping over gold and food in no time.
And you have the magic gem, don't forget. It'd be great if it was maybe on a ring or necklace or something just to keep track of it. You guess it'll be fine in your pocket.

No putting it off any longer! You sling the bag over your shoulder and open the bedroom door. To your surprise, the orphanage mistress is in the corridor waiting for you.
"There's our brave hero!" she beams "All ready to kill that mean dragon?"
"O-oh! Hello Ms. Err. Yes. I think so!"
"Good boy." she says, pushing a sweetroll into your hands. "Here, you can have some breakfast while you walk!"
Sweetrolls are a rare treat in the orphanage. But it seems like a fitting breakfast for the saviour of the land. You take a bite out of it. It tastes of butter and sugar and slightly of vanilla. So good.
"Fankf!" you say through a mouthful of sweet pastry.
She walks with you out of the orphanage entrance, denying you the chance to give one last fare-well to the other kids, and towards the great wooden parameter of the village. You heard that before you were born, there wasn't really any need for the fortification, but it became too dangerous at night to allow creatures or worse to wonder in. There's a small gathering near the village gates to see you off! Most of the Elders, the tanner, the healer, a few others. Many are smiling and waving, though many others are not. Well, it is very early, after all. You might look miserable too if you weren't filled with the energy to save the kingdom!
As you approach, the great wooden doors swing ceremoniously open, and the crowd parts to let you through. You come to a stop as you reach the crowd, beaming with pride, waiting for the well-wishes of your kinfolk.
There's an awkward pause as the villagers exchange glances.
Finally, Elder Tohu steps forward and stands before you.
"Err. Good luck!"
He steps back into the crowd who give you a hearty cheer. You beam again and wave at the smattering of people with the hand you're using to carry a half-eaten sweetroll and walk through the great gates, into the wild, green grasslands outside the village.
Another creaking behind you announces the gates slowly closing. You turn to get one last look at your home. People are already leaving to get on with their lives, but Elder Tohu is still facing you, with a fixed grin.
Just before the gates finally close, he yells "Remember! Don't come back till all the evil is vanquished!"
The gates slam shut with a dull 'thump!'.


It suddenly occurs to you you have no idea how to be an adventurer. Hell, you've never really been more than a mile outside the village. In the stories heroes would always just know exactly where to go and what to do. You turn to take in your surroundings. An overcast sky stretches across the greenery of the wilderness. The village is located on the edge of a woodlands, and your current path faces away from it, into a large grassy stretch of wild grass and shrubs, with a well worn dirt road leading through it. Logically, you should go directly to the capital and... well, you'll figure out how to kill the dragon when you get there. But then again, maybe it wouldn't hurt just to get a little bit of sword experience before you go there. Between mouthfuls of sweetroll you fish out your map and consider your choices.

It seems the path in front of you stays straight for half a mile or so, then splits. Taking the north path would be the best way to start the trek towards the capital. That leads through the plane lands, filled with gnoll tribes, wolves and other savage beasts.

But, if you wanted to perhaps train a little first, or try your hand at finding fortune before fame, you could go west, through the cursed forest. It's mostly a swamp now, and home to - so the stories go - strange gelatinous creatures, monstrous plants, and many wondrous secrets for those bold enough to find them.

Which way will you go?
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