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Life in Zootopia. - Page 17 - Nice day out. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You wander over to the pie shop which appears to be open. This is Gideon's private business. His pastry shop with Bonnie and Stu is a walk away.

You walk over to the door and the sign on the door says "Come in, we're open!" in an art deco font; you attempt to open the door and it doesn't open. You forcefully pull at the door and it still doesn't open so you decide to go ask Gideon for help.

You walk around the back of the small shop and see that the door to the larder is open, you walk in and are confronted with a massive array of smells and sights, you cannot see Gideon but do see hundreds of barrels of ingredients around, pastry lining a wall and drying, pots of sugar and honey galore, you get distracted by a barrel of fish and decide to...
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