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Life in Zootopia. - Page 59 - Waking him up. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You decide to try and speak to him so begin by climbing up the armchair, you hop up on some piled up books and grab up to a coffee table littered with trash. You climb to an arm of the armchair and step on his arm, you're so small and light he doesn't seem to notice.

You walk up and step onto his shoulder, every loud snore makes his body shake, you step towards his gigantic ears and shout for him to wake up, and rather groggily you hear him moan a little, the half sleeping fox then, without warning, grabs you.

Curled into a ball under the strength of his paw, you try to shout but are too muffeled to hear.


A rather sleepy Gideon in the darkness of his room decides to...
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