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Life in Zootopia. - Page 61 - A waxy prison. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
Gideon in his very dazed state brings his hand down from grabbing whatever it was that was on his shoulder.

His eyes skirt down and he looks at what it was, his two forefingers still firmly holding your mouth stuck.
'Ah just what I was needing' He thinks to himself, in the limited light and his strained eyes to him you look exactly like one of his usual fluffy earplugs, he fiddles with you, removing the 'Fiddly packaging' AKA Your clothes.

He grabs another earplug from the coffee table and then plugs that one in his ear, then takes you and shoves you head-first deep into his ear cannal.

You feel him push at your back, every inch making your fur more waxy. He eventually seems satisfied with your position and rests his head back.

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