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Shrunk Around Your Vorarephile Friends - Page 1 - Shrunk Around Your Vorarephile Friends - By MeltyCG - Overview
1: Try to be realistic in the actions characters take.
2: Stay in character!
3: Read the previous chapters before you make your addition.
4: Anything goes but all characters are human though (costumes are ok though)
5: All forms of vore allowed from any gender combination.


The Friends Group A
Felix Winters
Username: Snowflake
Gender: Male
Personality: Friendly but shy, likes to entertain his friends by joking.

Willow Charms
Username: MiniZilla
Gender: Female
Personality: Spunky and loves cosplay. Enjoys taunting others.

Robin (Robert) Summers
Username: Cotton Candy Vixen
Gender: Female (Actually male)
Personality: Dominant furry who love predding in all kinds of ways. Very clean and feminine.

Brian Dunning
Username: SnappleApple
Gender: Male
Personality: SnappleApple is a typical kid. His friends do not know he is a kid though. He managed to slip into the conversion through a side entrance and is trying to avoid detection.

Julie Channels
Username: PoppyTrix
Gender: Female
Personality: She can easily be described as an overly sexual nymphomaniac. She is a switch. Outside of sex there is not much else to her.

(PM me to add your characters)
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