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Chose Your Own Adventure!: Forest of Vore! - Page 1 - Chose Your Own Adventure!: Forest of Vore! - By SilhouetteofKid - Overview
Okay, just a few things. One! You're going to have a bunch of choices leading you to different paths.

So, depending on what you do or say, will lead to you an ending, bad or good.

This is my first time making one of these, I'm going to try my best to make this entertaining.

If you've read a choose your own adventure story before, be prepare to get a bunch of bad endings.

Now, I'm not saying it'll be unfair and you'll be frustrated, far from that. Try your best and chose what you think is right.

Oh, I almost forgot. There are some riddles in here at some point. I'm going to trust you to not look it up and try to figure it out.

If you can't, well, trial and error. Remember, don't sweat it! ^^ Have fun and explore the different choices!

That's about it! Now, go ahead and get started!
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