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Chose Your Own Adventure!: Forest of Vore! - Page 11 - Fall Asleep.[BAD END] - By SilhouetteofKid - Overview
"He's fast asleep..."

The girl smiles softly as she rubs your head.

The portal was a fake and you rammed your head into a tree, knocking yourself out.

You're in a deep sleep now, dreaming of heading home with your friends.

Possibly asking Samantha on a date.

As the girl stares down at you, she licks her lips.

"Time to eat."

She proceeds to swallow you.

Surprisingly she's able to stretch her mouth over you.

She takes her time, savoring the taste.

Apparently, you taste very good.

Her throat bulges out as she begins swallowing whole.

And with a big GULP!

You were gone.

The girl rubs her now swollen belly and lies back against the tree.

"Sleep tight, thanks for the meal."

And she falls asleep, her belly slowly digesting you.

Could be worst, at least you weren't awake for it.

Sleep well, and enjoy your perfect dream.

Because this here is...

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