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Chose Your Own Adventure!: Forest of Vore! - Page 13 - Pat the girl on the head. - By SilhouetteofKid - Overview
Entranced by the plant girl's adorableness, you decide to pat her on the head.

The plant girl blushes and has the look of embarrassment on her face. Her cuteness levels have gone up to 12!

Unfortunately for you, you're patting the flower on top of her head, which happens to be covered in deadly poison.

You immediately fall to the ground paralyzed and faint.

Upon waking up, you're wrapped up in vines, and you seem to be inside of a tree of some kind.

It's pretty roomy, and their tons of stuff around: clothes, baskets, and stuff that people bring with them...for camping.

The plant girl doesn't seem to be around. Time to escape!

You look around for something cut the vines, but you're interrupted by the voice.

"Thank goodness I found you. I thought I lost you."

Lost you? That's weird, you kind of assumed the voice could go anywhere it wanted or it was omnipresent.

Despite the voice being worried about you, it also scolds you for randomly patting strangers on the head.

"Anyway, let's find a way to get you out of those vines. There should be a hunting knife next to you on your left."

You look over and see a hunting knife. Where did that come from?

You shrug and bend over to grab it. Your able to slowly cut into the vines to the point where you can break free.

Upon standing up, you hear someone humming and footsteps.

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