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Chose Your Own Adventure!: Forest of Vore! - Page 8 - Head down the First path. - By SilhouetteofKid - Overview
You decide you want to go down the first path.

You can already feel the voice glaring at you somehow.

The voice sighs, "If you want to go down this path, very well, but please follow my instructions next time."

The voice sounded like it wanted to stop you, but decided not to.

With that, you go down the first path.

While walking down the path, you're overcome with feelings of peace.

Just the sight of the beautiful nature is enough for you to shard a tear.

Maybe you should sit down and-

The voice speaks up to warn you.

"Do not get sucked in, you'll fall into it's trap!"

You snap out it! That was close.

Better be more careful.

Upon reaching the end, you are met with a girl sitting next to a big tree.

Her hair is a dark green color and a flower sits atop her head, while her skin is a bright green color.

The dress she wore was made out of different color leaves.

She seems to be sleeping.

"Tread carefully, try not wake her."

You nod, and you start to walk past her...

...But you step on a twig, that makes a surprisingly loud CRACK! noise.

The girl eyes open. "H-huh? Who's there?"
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