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Unbirth Bar - Page 2 - Enter the Story - By fsdbiu2346y8 - Overview
You sigh. Another day of working at McDonald's. "What fun" you tell yourself. Another day at McDonald's means another day at the bar alone swallowed in your misery. You look at the clock. Finally! It's 6:00 which means you can get out of here. You're about to leave through the back doors when Wendy walks into the room.
Wendy's a coworker of yours that's super hot. She's a red head with sweet blue eyes, has a rockin' body and massive tits. You've always been attracted to her ever since you met her but you know she's way out of your league.
"Hey! Where are you going," she asks.
Not wanting to sound like a sad sack who goes to the bar every fuckin' day, you lie.
"Oh I was probably just going to head home and watch some Netflix," you reply.
"Hey, I was thinking... You want to come to my place to hang? I have Netflix there too," she says. "If you want to come, meet me in the back alleyway in 5 minutes."
She leaves the room leaving you to think to yourself about what just happened.
You decide to...
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