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Unbirth Bar - Page 4 - Go with Wendy - By fsdbiu2346y8 - Overview
Who are you, a lazy bum workin' at McDonald's, to pass up an invite from a hot redheaded girl?
You follow Wendy out the back door and into her car. You drive for about 10 minutes and arrive at her apartment building. You follow her up the stairs and you get a great look at her booty. You enter her apartment and she leads you to the couch with a grin on her face. You think to yourself "is she really into me?"
"So, tell me, do you really know why I invited you here?" she asks.
"Well I assumed to watch some Netflix and chill," you say.
"I invited you here so you could go inside me... All the way inside me," she says still smiling sexily.
"Uh... Okay," you awkwardly respond.
You fiddle with a condom in your hands when she puts a hand on your arm.
"You don't actually know what I want to do with you, do you?" she says while tilting her head in confusion.
"You mean sex, right?" you say.
"Oh. You're new," she says. "Well you're going to enjoy this."
She starts taking off her pants and says "put the condom down and start licking my pussy."
You see her beautiful vagina and you dig in. You put your tongue in has much as you can and wiggle it around. She starts moaning saying "Oh, oh don't stop. Deeper, deeper!" You try to push your tongue deeper but it's already at it's maximum length.
Wendy then pushes your head down and your head is engulfed by her vagina. You start screaming but it's muffled and she's still enjoying every moment of this.
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