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Shrunk in a Family Reunion - Page 1 - Shrunk in a Family Reunion - By moeyuri7 - Overview
"But Mom, I've been planning this trip for weeks!"
"Well, you should have remembered this trip when planning. It's on the same day every year."
"No, it's not. It's whenever Aunt Joy gets sober enough to remember to book it.
"Mia how could you say such a thing?"
"Am I wrong?"
The mini van grew quite with the argument dying down. Even with five people in the car, three were fast asleep.

Mia was a 15 year old girl with shoulder length brown hair and a slender frame. Her green eyes looked angrily out the window. She was sitting in the passenger seat while her mother drove. Her three sisters were in the back. The oldest was Melissa, a 23 year old bombshell. Her dyed red hair hung down to her large butt. Her breasts were the largest among the four sisters, but she was also the kindest. She had a very caring nature, and always watches out for her family. The second oldest was Trisha, who was also a HUGE bitch. A 18 year old, high school senior who was the stereotypical queen bitch. With long blonde hair and a killer figure. Her act as a terrible person didn't end at school though, she bullied her younger siblings as much as she could. Until Melissa beats her back. Then was Mia. The youngest was Sophia. She was 12 and was just starting puberty. She had short brown hair with blue streaks and light blue eyes. Her and Mia aren't on the best terms...this was due to Sophia having more curves despite being younger. Even with a three year difference, the youngest sister appeared older. She was a quiet girl, mostly the bookworm type. She doesn't like to argue unless someone else starts it.

Their mother Maria used to be gorgeous as well, but after having four children and raising them alone she put on a few pounds. Quite a few pounds. The hefty blonde woman had green eyes and was a little over 300 pounds. But the 40 year old woman was still fairly attractive considering her massive...assets. Her husband died just a few months before Sophia was born. It didn't affect their situation much. Maria was the owner of a successful construction company, which was started by her father, so she could provide for her family just fine. After his death, they started a family reunion every year to remind the girls that they have family that cares for them. Although, none of them care too much for it...

Mia had planned a trip with her best friend Candy to take a road trip to her summer house, but while packing for the trip her mom dragged her to the car and took off to her aunt's house.

They pulled straight up into the back yard of the large home to see the event in full swing. Everyone else had arrived. Mia wasted no time getting out of the car and going off on her own. She's been through this enough to know what to do. Making a beeline for the long food table, she'd scoop up a plate of food and go into her hiding place. She'd repeat this process everyday until it was time to go home. It was better than dealing with her relatives.

However, as she was piling up a plate the worst people of all came. Aunt Joy and her little monster, the 9 year old Cassandra, were already near the table. They were looking away, so Mia piled food onto her plate and tried to skulk away. But noticing her young cousin turning around, Mia lifted the tablecloth and ducked under the table. She clutched her head as she withheld a scream. Mia hated this. She always hated coming to the family reunion. Now, she had to come here instead of having a trip with her best friend. A trip where she was hoping they could become more...She wished she could just shrink away, out of sight until she was gone. Suddenly, things went black.

Some time later, her eyes begin to open. Looking around, she notices that she's...
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