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Conservation Blues - Page 1 - Conservation Blues - By AllahSnackbar - Overview
"Congratulations!" the letter in your hand reads, underneath a familiar seal "You have been selected by the International Prey Conservation Group as a new hire in the lovely town of Portly."

You look up from the letter for a second, blinking a few times as the reality of the situation sets in. This shit is unbelievable.

This was something you've always dreaded in the back of your mind, like the something bad you heard on the news. Some distant, omnipresent menace looming like grey clouds overhead. There was a reason the IPCG resorted to basically drafting people. Keeping hungry, angry predators in line for a living often resulted in not to be living for too long. Turn over was naturally extremely high, in the same way turnover for cows is 'extremely high'. Thus, a certain letter found it's way to a certain you, like hundreds of other people today. It may as well have been a draft notice for how dangerous it could be, but you always knew better than to let common knowledge affect your judgment too much. You take a breath and clear your thoughts before you continue reading.

"All current accommodations have been arranged in your new residence in Portly. Your new contact information has been forwarded to immediate family and your now previous employer-"

You stop and snort in amusement. Ha, a job? Last work you had was at the hardware store about.....four months back?

"The details of your position will be given during your orientation at Conservation Project office in Portly. We're excited to meet you and help you help the world!

Signed, J. Kali, Director

You flip the page, this blithe cover letter doing little to alleviate the feeling that you're holding your own death warrant. Perhaps spending the last few months locked up in your small home hasn't been the best thing, but it's not like going outside was a much better option. An annoyed sigh, and the page is roughly turned to the next.

"Recipient: Goddard, Sandra J.
Species: Human

Current Occupation: N/A
Previous Occupation: Retail Worker
Education: Associates in Submerged Hand basket Manufacture

Age: 19
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: F

Height: 5' 5"
Build: Thin
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue

Sandra doesn't have the most impressive record to date, but the researchers feel she'd make a good worker her for the discrete nature of her hire-

You roll your eyes with vigorous force. No pussyfooting around it, they just say it right to your face they're hiring you because you're expendable. And the damn thing goes on for half a dozen more pages. You flip through the pages impatiently, looking for anything that was in any way relevant.

There we go. At the end of the last page.

"Please sign and return the address listed within the next 10 days to confirm that you have received this letter and accpet the conditions of your employment"

So, you ask yourself, what should I do?

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