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Conquistador: A Doomed Expedition - Page 2 - Brief Rules - By Capreolus - Overview
PLEASE follow this easy rules if you want to contribute
-> This adventure tooks place in south america so avoid placing animals that don't belong there.
-> This story is mainly F/M and Human/Human or mythological criatures/human. However furry, M/M, H/M, F/F, M/F... are allowed.
-> No minors are allowed in any case.
-> Digestion, Sex, Soulvore, Analvore or any kind of vore is allowed.
-> Don't alterate the setting.
-> If you write something that doesn't have any narrative sense i would probablĂ˝ delete it.

Small favor
If you find typos or mistakes (my english is far from perfect), please send me a PM.
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