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Conquistador: A Doomed Expedition - Page 3 - The Begining - By Capreolus - Overview
You are called Lope of Aro and have come to the American continent in search of the wealths that the sailors tell this land hides. You are 21 years old newly fulfilled and are high and thin. Brave though not very loudly. When you came you did not have anything in Spain. Probably here could begin a new life or return with honor and sufficient money to triumph in Madrid. At least, you were thinking it until you got lost.

You do not know how it has happened. Scarcely you had moved away from the camp awhile while you were foraging when you realized that the way seemed to have been closed suddenly after you. For hours you used all your tricks to find the way of return: You marked trunks of trees, walked in circles every time major and nothing.

Since the sun has already hidden, and the group found a small cave the captain Guillermo Mendoza gives the order of stopping and starting a fire.

To help in this situation you chose to...

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