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Conquistador: A Doomed Expedition - Page 4 - Look at yourself - By Capreolus - Overview
You are a tall young man 1.75m , with long blackish hair, a short goatee and green eyes. You tend to smile a lot and don't look as fierce as your companions. Your weaponerý is the standard among your companions. A Toledan rapier and a hand gun with only 12 shots* . Before you left your country you maneged to save enough to buy a steel cuirass pretty old, but still shiny. Instead of a helmet you wear a black and purple, checked headchief.

While looking your reflect on your sword you wonder if leaving Spain was a good idea. Yes, you ached the thrill of the adventure but right now you would give anything to have a good certanty of your future. A uneasy feeling has being assaulting you when you look at the depths of the jungle. Covering your fears with a fake smile you focus your atention in more urgent matters.

*Soldiers of the Spanish Tercio used to carry 12 bags of powder and 12 bullets, called the 12 apostols, since due to the long reload rate it was very unlikely to shot more during a battle.
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