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Conquistador: A Doomed Expedition - Page 5 - Look at your companions - By Capreolus - Overview
Inigo was your best friend among the tripulation of the "San Telmo", mainly because both of you are the youngest in the ship. He has a sweet childish face, almost girly. But he compensates that with harsh behavior and cunning. Despite his attitud he is a good pal and you feel more confortable when he is around.

Guillermo Mendoza is a hardened veteran from the wars against the heretics and low noble, wich mean that until he was recruited he was probably even more miserable than you. He likes to wear a hat with a grey feather and a leather cuirass.
He is a cinical man, but in the long therm he seems like a fine asset. He has beeing teaching Inigo fencing lessons since he showed more potencial than you.

Three Slashes is an odd folk. With an odd face full of scars, and his left hand even more scarred you are pretty sure he was a delinquent back in Sevilla. He looked very relieved when we lost the sight of the portuary city. He never takes anything seriously and used to make fun of Inigo and you. Until Inigo beated the shit out of him, now he just makes fun of you..
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