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Purah's New discoveries. (BOTW interactive) - Page 1 - Purah's New discoveries. (BOTW interactive) - By scottypilgrim - Overview
Link had finally put his epic quest to an end. He'd ventured all the shrines, recovered all his memories, conquered all the divine beasts, and even defeated the dark evil known as Calamity Ganon. The whole world felt that a great time of peace and prosperity was upon Hyrule. Link had earned himself more than a few vacation days, and he intended on using them! There were more than a few people he'd met along the way that he was intent on seeing again.

Link already knew who he wanted to visit first, a lovely shy girl with a secret crush. He used his Sheikah slate to get as close as he could to Kakariko. He headed straight for Impa's house, waving to that adorable young chef Koko on the way. He remembered how good her cooking was and loved helping the cutie cook for her sister. He'd definitely have to see her soon and see what she was making today.

Just before Link could get to the steps of Impa's house though he was stopped by a messenger boy. He handed the boy a red rupee and immediately opened the letter. It was very rare he got mail so it had to be important.

"Yo! Link it's Purah! Thanks again for all those generous donations in exchange for those pictures. The funds helped us discover some new runes! One of these is kinda familiar but the only way we can be sure is through testing. Get you and your green pajamas over here right now for science! Don't forget that Sheikah slate either! Catch ya soon. Purah"

Link could hear her proud little peppy cheers in his head with each exclamation point. He ignored the joke about his legendary tunic. He'd worked real hard to earn it, and no 120 year old woman in a 6 year old's body was going to make him feel bad about it! He lowered the letter and looked back at Impa's house. She seemed really excited about this "Discovery" but he wanted to discover his own things. He really hoped that Paya would show him that birthmark now that he'd saved the world.

Link was no stranger to keeping a girl waiting either. Heck he made Zelda wait over a hundred years! Maybe science could wait an evening. He sighed as he looked at the slate, hovering the marker over the Hateno Laboratory.
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