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Demon's Conquest. - Page 1 - Demon's Conquest. - By Allemone - Overview
Summer vacation has been terrible so far. Not only have your parents left on a trip of their own (Leaving you all alone in the house), but none of your friends are available, as they're off doing their own things. Which is why you're currently sitting in your room, browsing the web, looking for something even remotely interesting to do.

After a good while of mindless searching, you come across a forum discussing games related to vore (A fetish of yours, that you acquired in your early teens). Knowing you had nothing better to do, you decided to read through the forum. You've played most of the games mentioned, however one stands out to you the most. The game is known as Demon's Conquest, and according to the one who posted it, is an RPG so realistic, that you won't be able to stop playing it.

Clicking the link provided brings you to the game's page. It's relatively generic looking, with a download button placed in the middle of the screen. A few blocks of text are placed around, giving a crash course on the game mechanics. Most seem like your standard RPG fare. Gain exp from fighting voracious creatures and level up. That kind of stuff. Something stood out though. It claimed that you'd actually feel the pain inflicted to your avatar. Not only that, but it'd apparently feel like you were in the world of the game.

You stop to think about it. The page is quite suspicious. The claims made are also a huge red flag. But, there's something telling you that despite all these things, it could be legitimate. The question is. Do you follow your common sense, and go back to searching. Or, do you follow that small hope that it could be real?
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