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Demon's Conquest. - Page 3 - Take the risk. - By Allemone - Overview
What's the worst that could happen? You move the mouse over to the download button and click. Upon doing so everything goes black, leaving you in complete darkness. After around 20 seconds of sitting in darkness, what looks to be a text box (the kind you see in RPG's) appears in front of you. "Welcome player, to Demon's conquest. In this game you will be put into the role of a beginner hero. Your goal? Defeat the demon lord Solaris, and bring peace to the world of Melexia."

Sounds simple enough. Though why everything has went pitch black is still a mystery. The text continues. "For this, we must take your soul out of your physical body, and place it into your avatar. This is to make it as realistic as possible." You really don't like where this is going. "Of course, this means that if you die in the game, your soul will be destroyed, making it impossible to return to your own world." Wait a minute. What?

"Defeat the demon lord, and you will be able to return. The soul transfer process will hurt, but only for a moment. Are you ready?" The text box dissolves, but is quickly replaced with a yes or no box.
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