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Demon's Conquest. - Page 4 - Yes - By Allemone - Overview
What other choice do you have? Reluctant, you place your hand over the yes option. The box once again disappears, however instead of another replacing it like last time, a sharp pain shoots through the entirety of your body. It feels like something is being forcefully pulled from deep within you, and out into the open. As the pain subsides, you find yourself suddenly standing in the middle of a forest clearing.

Glancing around, you notice just how realistic everything is. From the grass at your feet, to the trees surrounding you. Everything even smells as it should. A gruff voice snaps you back to reality, stopping you from admiring the scenery. "Hey Drake! What're you standing around for? Get a move on, or I'm gonna leave you behind." Drake? Is he talking to you. After a quick look around , you discover the source of the voice.

An old man, wearing platemail is standing between two of the trees. Some white text appears in front of you, drawing your attention away. "Follow the guildmaster." The man, quite obviously annoyed at you just standing around like an idiot, starts to walk further into the forest.

Not wanting to be left behind, you quickly rush after him. "Finally decided to follow, eh? Well keep up from now on. We're getting close to the target." Target? Great. One more thing you don't understand. After another few minutes of nonstop walking, you come across yet another clearing. The man, stops you. "There it is. The bitch who's been eating the townsfolk. And our target." He draws his sword. You, finding a small dagger in your pocket, do the same. "Now. While this is the target, it is also the monster you need to kill in order to be accepted in the adventurer's guild."

Your target, according to the text appearing above it's head (Only shows for hostiles and party members), is a level 10 slime girl. According to your stats, that appeared upon looking at the slime girl, you're only level 8. In RPG logic, you'd still have a chance to win this. Problem is, you have no idea how to fight.

The old man pushes you forward before you have a chance to run. "Now go get er kid."

Two text boxes appear in front of you. One appears to be a battle menu, with the words fight and surrender being the only options. The other, seems to be another quest notification. "Defeat the Slime Girl." Seems simple enough. Looks like there's no run option. Guess you've got no choice.
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