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Demon's Conquest. - Page 6 - Slime Girl Vore. - By Allemone - Overview
You drop your weapon. There's no way that you can possibly win this fight. The old man shakes his head. "Giving up? Oh well. Hope you enjoy becoming a meal, kid." He sheathes his blade, turns around and walks away.

The slime girl, finally notices your presence. After observing your slumped over body, she cautiously approaches you. She then notices that you're not a threat, so she speeds up slightly. Her slimy body washes over you, drawing you inside her. The slime burns slightly at first, but the more of you that's drawn in, the worse the pain gets. Soon you are fully inside of her body. The slime girl laughs while rubbing her slightly extended exterior. You however, don't get to enjoy the attention she's giving you. Either due to the extreme burning pain, lack of oxygen or maybe both, you had passed out.

The high metabolism that Slime girl's have makes short work of you. Soon you're nothing more than a pile of bones. Your body along with the nutrients, have been completely absorbed. The Slime girl forgets about you and continues with her life.

End: Food for a Slime Girl.
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