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Fat Dragon - Page 1 - Fat Dragon - By Shadowblaze - Overview
His massive belly rumbled. Wuh-oh.

You were an 18-year old dragon boy out at the edge of a forest at night. The moon was bright and you can see clearly.

"I'm hungry, boy. And I intend to fill my belly with you."

He was a huge, fat dragon, much bigger and stronger than you- it's pretty clear that he could easily overpower your smaller frame. You obviously couldn't get away from him... however... Dragons are on the top of the food chain. As such, a Dragon getting eaten is unheard of, even by another of their kind. You could at least make the most of such a rare occurrence, you figured.

"Well... I guess if you've decided on it, then that's gonna happen, whether I let you or not... are you sure you can't find something else to eat instead...?"

"No. You'll do very nicely. You're exactly what I want right now."

"Huh. Alright then, in that case, I guess that's gonna happen. You do know we Dragons have acid-resistance, right? Could take an awfully long time to digest me."

"Yes, I know that. I don't have this great belly for no reason, either- I want to sample every type of food I can, and you're next on the menu! I want to see what it's like to eat a member of my own kind."

"Well then! It seems I'm certainly not gonna change your mind!"

You walk over close to the fat dragon, poking his jiggly round stomach.
"To think... I'm gonna be in that belly of yours, that's wild... won't be getting out, either. Huh. I'm sure gonna have an interesting time with you. I might well be the first Dragon to ever get eaten! Is that something to be proud or ashamed of? Hmm."

"Ha ha ha! I have such a luxuriously large gut that it's a great honour for any who end up in there!"

"Ummm... sure... let's go with that, why not. It'll be... 'luxurious' to be inside your belly. Totally weird and scary would have been my bet, but sure! ...heh... oh man, this is funky.
Well, umm... I guess we should get started? No time like the present?"

"So... how would you like to enter...?"
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