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Insert Title Here - Page 1 - Insert Title Here - By Wolf12315678 - Overview
There are several things you will need to know before stating your story.

First, my main focus will be on cv, snuff, and M/M sex, mostly from the prey's POV. If you don't want to see any of these, you should probably turn away here.

Next, each world can have one of three vore settings: Abnormal, Normal, and Expected.

Abnormal means, as the name implies, that vore is not an everyday occurrence. Due to this, observers will react with a natural response of surprise or fear, so many predators will prefer to hide when they do try to finish off their prey. This also means you will not have to worry about being jumped or surprised and receiving a game over. There will still be plenty of predators, but the ways they go after you will be much more avoidable.

Normal is a bit higher in difficulty. Anyone can, and probably will, use vore when given the opportunity, and onlookers will be much less willing to help you. Furthermore, predators will be much more casual and public with what they are doing, increasing your risk of being eaten as escaping to highly populated areas will no longer mean escaping completely.

Expected is the last and most dangerous difficulty. What separates this from Normal is that predators won't be just waiting for opportunities to arrive, but will actively be trying to grab you. In the second difficulty, you can be somewhat safe as long as you make some friends and don't try to piss anyone off or present yourself as an easy meal. In this difficulty, your friends will turn on you the second they can, and everyone will be trying to grab you. You will need to be as cautious as possible in this world to make it to the end of the day.

Lastly, an explanation of the system I will be using.
When you encounter a scenario which can result in a game over, you may have a chance to save yourself and continue. Depending on where you decide to spend your time, I will be increasing or decreasing some offscreen stats. When the time comes and you are faced with a game over, there may be a strength, dexterity, or intelligence check.
If this happens, all three will be presented as options, and you will simply have to pick which best suites the character you have chosen, or what best fits the situation. Sometimes low stats in one area will be much more valuable then high stats in another, depending on the situation.
You will not always be able to get away if you have stats that are far too low, however, so try to be as well-rounded as possible.
Anytime your fate is not determined by this system of stat checks, it will be determined by a coin toss.

To start things off, we'll need a setting.
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