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Deep Space Boredom Removal - Page 1 - Suddenly Smaller - By OERN - Overview
Captain Yolara fidgeted in her command chair as a scruffy cargo technician went down his checklist one last time.
After a few moments he nodded approval and gave the gene spliced cat woman a thumbs up.
"Alright, seems like everything is in order. No contraband, everything seems stowed properly, just sign here and we'll
pass you on to the groundside space port for your requested dry dock repairs."

Yolara finally breathed a sigh of relief as the young man began to turn and walk away towards the air lock. This
Simmons character was a bit too chipper for her liking. He took too much pride in his menial work.
A handsome buck like that should be off gallivanting the galaxy with her crew instead of wasting his youth looking
through crates of stale rations and surplus electronics. But if he wanted to languish into his middle age working a
dead end job on a backwater station like this that was his prerogative.

For his part however, Dock Cargo Officer William Simmons was content. A few more weeks of working at this job and
he would have saved up enough money for that move back to the core worlds, he thought to himself.
As he disembarked the Gabriel's Song and rounded a corner into his assigned logistics bay, Billy happened upon
his two subordinates working in vain to repair Ol' Zappy, an ancient cargo compression device
that had been probably been broken when William's grandfather was in diapers.

"Give that thing a rest Macy." William chided, pulling a beer from a nearby fridge and tossing it to his buddy Keith as he
grabbed another for himself. "Damn thing hasn't shrunk something in like a century."

Macy Quintero merely grunted as she pulled out a fried lab grown crystal circuit board and threw it into a refuse bin.
"Better than doing nothing. First ship in months and it didn't even have a inventory error
we could hammer down on. Job gets intolerable when you can't give people grief."

Keith shook his head as he opened his beer. "You're such a stickler Mace. They's just people tryin' to make a living
just like us. Besides, you know if we find anything wrong it just means hours of paperwork."

Ignoring her coworker, the diligent technician replaced the circuit board with a newer model and sealed the machine.
After depressing the on button it whirred to life for but a moment before subsequently losing power.
"Piece of crap."

"Told you Macy. Putting that thing back together would take someone with a lot more know-how." Billy took another swig
of his beer before helping Macy to her feet. The group swore as the machine she had been working on suddenly popped back into an active state.
A flash of green light erupted through the room as the trio was assailed by the acrid taste of ozone.

As the chemical smoke cleared the ceiling seemed much further away than it should have been. What was worse, the
Gabriel's Song was preparing to leave. Considering that the controls for the airlock were seemingly hundreds of feet in the air,
there would be no way to prevent the logistics bay from decompressing in time to save them.

In a split second decision William grabbed his compatriots and made a mad dash for the door leading to the departing vessel.
It was the only chance for survival.
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