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New Vore Friends - Page 1 - New Vore Friends - By Emberheart7 - Overview
The lush green trees stretched high above your head, standing tall and proud against the blue backdrop of the sky. The trail ahead had gentle rolls and a few tree roots striking out of the earth. Though being just an animal's path, you could walk on it just fine, and the ground was smooth enough to provide easy walking. The scenery around you was gorgeous; it was composed mainly of small flowering bushes and ferns, with berries and flowers providing occasional splashes of colour.

Your older brother had told you of this trail. He had said that it was perfectly safe and that there was a meadow at the end where you could pick flowers and eat berries. You were glad that you had trusted your brother; this was quite pleasant.

After about ten minutes, you reached the meadow you had been told about. It was filled with lush green grass and small flowering bushes. The only strange thing was that on one side, a large area of grass had been flattened, as if something huge had slept on it. It reminded you of the elk beds that you had occasionally seen, but it was much larger than any of those had ever been. Perhaps a whole herd of elk had slept right next to one another or something. You didn't really care.

You were going to pick flowers, but your hike had been rather tiring. You were quite sleepy and decided to take a nap. It couldn't hurt. This meadow was harmless and innocent.
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