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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Belly of Dungeon - Page 1 - The First Steps - By Voreforever - Overview
Your eyes slowly open. You find yourself in a lucious green Forrest. The faint smell of honey wafts through the small breeze, rustling the leaves in the trees. Your mouth is dry, so you look for something to drink. You see a small pond. You go over to it and take a sip. As you wipe your mouth, the water begins to settle. As you go for another gulp, you catch your reflection in the pond.

No... It's not possible...

You look at your hands, and, sure enough, it confirmed your theory; you're no longer a human. You're a Pokémon!

You start to freak out, rapidly running from side to side with you hands in the air.

You're a Pokémon! That can't be right! Just yesterday you were a human named... erm...

You can't remember. You know you were a human, but that was it.
You decide that you aren't going to get some answers by just standing around, and go to find anywhere where people may be, to try to discover what has happened.

In the distance, you see the roof of a building.
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