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Ginlokwen Ancadur - Page 1 - The day out of the farm - By Lamnia - Overview
First off one must get acquainted with their surroundings.  The world is set in dark medieval realm, there is still talk of fairies, dragons, and evil in the land.  Clustering near the main roads are small towns and villages supporting one another, often over seen by a knight.  And castles that are often rules by the local barons and lords.  It is rare to have anyone leave their village their entire life.  And when their do often they are not believed or become the local story teller.  (and a good story builds.)

You find yourself doing chores late at night and have gotten lost on a path you were sure went home.  It no longer looks familiar.  The trees have gotten taller and thicker, bushes more overgrown on the sides.  You did not think you would be out late getting supplies from the general store, so you did not pack any lanterns.  You know in one of your pockets you have a flint stone.  You begin to wonder what to do.  You look up to the sky at the great arch with the Dark Star in the middle.  Soon one of the two stars will shine for 2nd 5th day morning...
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