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Digital Chow - Page 1 - Digital Chow - By Stickman - Overview
The year is 2070. The VR world has become more and more advanced. And now the new game Digital Chow's development team has promised to introduce it's customers to a new kind of technology. But, no one working on the game has told anyone about this new technology. Vore, in this world has been practiced secretly by some people. It is strictly illegal to swallow another human without their consent. It is also considered murder when that person is digested. Anthropomorphic people are also hidden, because they are considered a delicacy to the predators. The same thing with demi humans.

You pick up the copy of the game Digital Chow. It shines due to the window next to you and the plastic wrapping around the case. You rip off the plastic and look at the cover. On the cover, a female with curves that you could only hope for winks at you. Her hands supporting her massive midsection as outlines of people are seen on her stomach.

You smile at the picture as you open the case, revealing the code inside. Once you enter the code into the digital store, you see the icon for the game appear on the screen. You wait for the game to download. But the question remains... Who are you?

(Just a heads up, Alex's story will be more descriptive then Rune's.)
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