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Digital Chow - Page 29 - Hana, a 21 year old female - By Stickman - Overview
You put your hazel hair into a ponytail. You look proudly at yourself in the mirror. Your emerald eyes staring back at you. Your D cup breasts in a tight, blue crop top. You were wearing a pair of jeans below the crop top. A picture of an anime girl giving you a thumbs up was on your crop top. You smiled and ran out of the bathroom, down to the front door.

There was your best friend standing in the doorway. Her name was Kerry. She was a girl your age with bright blue hair. She had baby blue eyes. Her E cup breasts proudly shown in her similar style crop top. Her crop top was green with a different anime character. You hugged her, laughing as you saw the package in her hand.

"You actually got the game!" you smiled, looking down at the computer game.
"Yup! I got two copies of it too so we can play together!" she smiled.

You were handed the package and you opened it. Inside was the game, "Digital Chow." You thanked Kerry after she gave you her username and watched her leave.

You had always an interest in the eating of others, particularly you being eaten by others. You weren't objecting to the idea of a squirming human inside yourself though. You tried once on Kerry. You got her arms down before starting to choke. Both of you were disappointed. You did however, manage to swallow down one person. She was a short, white haired girl. She was Kerry's sister. You got Kerry's permission to swallow the young girl, even if it was as a joke.

You gulped down the crying and struggling girl into your stomach. It took three days to digest her, but only one for the acid to kill her. You and Kerry never did tell a soul after that. That was when your true vore experiences began. You would kidnap short girls and bring them to Kerry, who would swallow them down. At first, it was hard for Kerry, but over time her body got used to it. She saw all people as slabs of meat, except for you. You were the one to provide her with the meals after all.

You opened the case, revealing the code inside. You almost couldn't believe it, you were going to swallow another person again. You knew it wouldn't be real, but you did know the VR headset would make it seem real. You inserted the code into your computer. The online store processing it and starting to download the game. You stretched and relaxed in your chair. You watched the progress bar slowly move towards the end. You heard your stomach growl and groan.

"Guess I'm hungry," you said to yourself.

You stretched and stood up, beginning to move towards the kitchen.
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