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Digital Chow - Page 42 - Yes~ - By Stickman - Overview
You poke her, and before you can speak, she reaches out and grabs you. Her fingers wrapped tightly around your neck. You struggle and try to pry them off, but it's no use.

She lifts you into the air with ease. She opens her mouth and shoved your head in. You have tears forming in your eyes as you smell the horrors of her stomach below. The sticky saliva pouring over every inch of your head. You got to admit though, this felt strangely good.

You feel her hands run up and down your body. Every touch sent a shiver down your spine. Her fingers pushing into your vagina. Her tongue licking the breasts that have now come in. Weirdly enough though, a head pressed against your stomach. You notice her head being pushed into the already huge mouth.

She had a enormous blush on her face. Her car ears sticking up. She wrapped her arms around your belly, hugging it close. She was around your age. Her mystical purple eyes wet with tears. Have some fun with the poor neko~?
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