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Digital Chow - Page 8 - Alex, a 19 year old female - By Stickman - Overview
You wake up to the sound of your alarm. You hit the button and with a groan, you roll off your bed. You hear your sister running around the house and you rub your head. You got a headache from whatever you did last night. Whenever you try to remember you can't. Although, the half digested clothes in your trash can hint at something. You blink twice and look down at your stomach.

Your stomach is more bloated then normal. You pray that it's just beer as you hear your sister run into your room. She's smiling brightly. Her blue eyes always seemed to brighten the room. You gave her a half annoyed smile.

"Hiya Alex!" she hugged you.

You narrowed your eyes at this, but decided to let her for now.

"Hi Emily," you replied.

She was 19 years old. Or was she eighteen? You really didn't care after the last few birthdays. You taught her instead of sending her to public school, so it didn't matter that much to you. You watched her let go of your leg. You stared at her grey hair, her ribbon was missing. Her two bunny ears stuck up out of the top of her head.

"Where is your ribbon Emily?" you asked your sister.

She just smiled and ran off. You almost grabbed her by the ears, but you decided to let her find out for herself. If she was going to get eaten, you would get her out, but you wouldn't stop it. You stretched and yawned as you walked towards the kitchen. You heard a kicking noise coming from the cooler. You cautiously opened the cooler and closed it immediately after.

"I need to stop going to that club..." You sighed and patted the top of the cooler.

There was a neko girl inside, her mouth taped shut. You assumed it was a friend of whoever wound up in your stomach yesterday, but it didn't matter. You would have to eat her sooner or later. You couldn't let anyone know your secret. You walked to the fridge and popped open a can of cold soda. You gulped down the energizing drink and eyed the table. The case for Digital Chow was wide open. You could've sworn you told Emily not to open it.

A thought entered your mind as you looked towards the living room. There Emily was creating her character for the game. You crunched the can in your hand and dropped it to the floor.

"Food first, punishments later," you decide, hearing your stomach demand food.

But what, or who shall you have?
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